A quick introduction to Search Engine Optimization for not-so-technical web masters

What is search engine Submission?
If you have a web site and want to be listed on the big search engines like Google and Yahoo, you will have to take action. If you don't, nobody will know that you have a web site!

First of all, you tell the search engines that you have a web site and where it can be found. This is called search engine submission, or search engine registration. Search engines want to know your URL, for example http://www.mbcomms.com.au
How long does that take?
After submission, anywhere between a week and two months is needed for search engines to actually visit your page, read all the text you put on it, and place your site in its database. From this moment on, people anywhere in the world are able to find your web site through the search engine.
Can all sites be submitted?
You can submit any site you want, but not all pages can be listed by search engines! There are several reasons why a web site might not be indexed (included) by a search engines. Spending hundreds of dollars on a web-design company does not mean that your site can be seen by search engines. Often it is the design, sometimes it is the way your pages are created, sometimes it is simply because your page is found not valuable enough to be included in the search engine database. Some search engines require you to have 'meta tags', others require you to have your contact information clearly stated on your web site.
How can I tell if my site is good enough to be listed in a search engine?
Have you tried a free submission service before? Did you wait 4 weeks and are still not listed? Your site is probably not good enough in the eyes of a search engine. That's simple isn't it!
What makes my site good enough?
There are a few requirements. Make it useful for your visitors, make it look nice. Make it clear what your site is about and use the correct layout. There are several ways of building a web site. Numerous programs are available to make the job easier. Some programs however make it impossible for a search engine to see what your site is about. If this is the case with your site, you won't be listed. Other problems can be that your site isn't considered 'popular' enough. Like in real life, you need to popular to get to the top!

1-Hit helps you with making your site 'liked' by search engines. We have several free tools that help you with this. Good examples are the "Ranking Prophet" and the "Search Engine Simulator". If you want a professional to help you out we would be happy to do so. Every service you purchase from us includes a review where we personally scan your web site for possible problems. We can spot right away if your site will have problems getting listed in search engines.

Is that technical?
In 95% of the cases it is not technical at all, and you probably don't need to know any HTML to get your site search engine ready. If something is not clear, you can always ask.
How often do I need this?
Just once. Once listed you will be 'listed for life'! Usually you submit your main page to a search engine. A search engine visits your site, copies all the text into its own database, looks if there are more pages, and leaves. If the search engine liked your page, it will come back over and over again. Sometimes several times a day! If you are listed and make changes to your site, you don't have to re-submit. Google and Yahoo visit your site regularly and automatically update the changes.
If this is true, why do your competitors offer monthly submissions?
One option is that they don't know the basics of search engine submission. A more likely option is that they assume you don't know the basics of search engine submission. Letting you pay for something once a month simply earns them more money.
Why do I choose your services and not those of your competitors?
1-Hit offers good & honest services for a very competitive rate. 1-Hit gets close to three million page views per year, and has better rankings than most of its competitors.
How can some companies guarantee top 5 rankings in 3 days?
Anyone can rank top 5 or 3 or even number 1 in search engines for ANY word in 3 days. In order to do so you will have to use a so-called "pay-per-click" search engine service. Your site will show up in the "sponsored results" of search engines, for example on Yahoo and MSN. It sounds great, but for 95% of companies this simply isn't possible. If you want a top 1 spot for "cat food" in Yahoo, you will have to pay $0.46 for each visitor that clicks on your sponsored listing. If 5,000 people a month do so, you will have to pay the search engine $27,600/year. And that's a lot of cat food. Being #1 for a competitive term like "insurance" will cost you over $200,000/year!
How can you advertise top ranks for less than $100 if others pay several thousands a month?
We offer search engine optimization. This lists you high in the so called "natural search engine results". Natural search engine results are the opposite of "sponsored listings". With sponsored listings you will have to pay a fixed amount for each visitor, natural listings are free. No matter how many people click on your link, it won't cost you a thing. We recently got a site listed at #1 and #2 in Google and Yahoo for the phrase "Business Management Software". If this client had to use sponsored listings, he would have had to pay the search engines $5,00 per single visitor, or several thousands of dollars/month. Instead, our client spent less than $1000 in total!
So where's the catch?
The 'catch' lies in the amount of competitors you have. The "Business Management Software" site from the example above has 14 million competing websites that all want a top 10 spot for this keyword. Obviously, only 10 can. 13,999,990 others can only watch and pray for better ranks at a later time. Search engine optimization isn't guaranteed. The more competitors you have, the more difficult it will be to get your site in the top 10 or 20. In order to 'beat' hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other sites, you need to have a good advisor. We believe we have certain skills that can help your company make more profit than it currently does.
Here's a few terms we use that might be unclear:
Search Engine Optimization: To improve your site so it is liked better by search engines than your competitors pages for one or more search terms.
Web Site Optimization: to improve your site so it is displayed more efficient on your visitors computer. Think of compatibility with MicroSoft and Unix browsers, improving the time it takes to load your pages, and improving the navigation on your site.
Search Engine Submission: To let search engines know have a web site by entering your site details in the search engines registration form. (To list your pages on a search engine)
Rank, Ranking, Listing: Your place on a search engine. A top 10 rank means your page shows up in the first ten results of a search engine when looking for a specific phrase.
Key-word, key-phrase: The words or phrases that are most relevant to your web site. Our key-phrases are for example 'search engine optimization' and 'search engine submission'.
Meta tags: A special bit of text on each page which describes what your page is about and what the keywords of the page are. Most web development programs allow you to edit these fields. The most important META data is the description of a page and the main keywords of the page
HTML: The language in which web pages are written.